Industrial/Commercial Facilities & Parking Lots

Southern Ohio Paving has a long history of completing projects from miscellaneous patching to large commercial lots.

We maintain many working relationships with local contractors and have ample resources to complete your project on schedule and in a timely manner.

Flexible Pavement of Ohio have granted us multiple awards over our years of service. We also offer testing of asphalt material upon request.

Curb Appeal

The first impression that the traveling public typically sees is most likely your parking area.

Maintaining this area says you take pride in your business, and you care about your customers. An aesthetically pleasing parking lot says “Come on in” to your customers, congregation, and employees.

With all the property available for lease, quality curb appeal will attract and assist in keeping current tenants and creates an inviting atmosphere for customers into your business.

Keep Your Parking Lot Safe for Years to Come

Like any good investment, your parking area needs maintenance to provide returns over time.

Poorly maintained pavement can lead to liability claims from pot holes, jagged edges, and tripping hazards, and can impact your ability to drain water and remove ice and snow.

Pavement preservation is a long-term strategy that enhances pavement performance with cost-effective treatments. For each dollar spent on maintenance & rehabilitation, your savings are quadrupled compared to paving a new parking lot down the road.