Pavement Rehabilitation

Why Is Pavement Rehabilitation So Important?

Simply put, cost effective pavement issues that are resolved today will deter higher repair costs in the future.

Leaving failing areas unresolved could lead to bigger problems down the road. An example of a bigger problem could result in failed subgrade and/or subbase if failed areas are not rehabilitated in a timely manner. Liability issues could also come into play on a site that has not been properly maintained.

Southern Ohio Paving specializes in evaluating your existing pavement and condition needs.

We provide an honest assessment of your existing pavement coupled with value engineering pertaining to your project, when applicable. We can provide a variety of solutions to resolve your current asphalt concerns.

The Southern Ohio Dedication to Excellence

We take pride in quality and customer satisfaction and has a proven track record of both. We use our knowledge to figure out the best and most cost effective way to resolve your issues.