Paving Services

Southern Ohio Paving deals exclusively in the construction and repair of roads, parking lots, and most other paved surfaces.

We are primarily a commercial company, and handle jobs ranging in size anywhere from major road work and racetrack construction to small subdivisions and parking lots.

Did You Know?

How We Increase Your Curb Appeal

Our internal network of quarries, gravel pits, emulsion plants. liquid asphalt terminals, and hot mix asphalt plants provide our construction operations with a wide range of high quality products.

We help you improve your curb appeal with a paving solution that attracts customers, beautifies your investment, and creates a pleasant atmosphere for conducting business.

The Southern Ohio Difference

Our Agreements

Partnerships with local unions allow us to offer first-rate services at prices comparable to non-union companies.

Our Knowledge & Experience

30 years in the field makes Southern Ohio Paving the perfect choice for pavement evaluations and value engineering.

Our Safety Standards

Southern Ohio Paving takes pride in their safety by being trained in OSHA classes. Our training and our safety meets or exceeds industry standards and gives us a track record of continuous improvement of safety year after year.

Southern Ohio Paving is capable of handling all aspects of the construction process, including: